No Dig Pet Turf Perimeter

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Just because your dog loves digging doesn’t mean you must share their enthusiasm. If you put off putting in a pet turf area because you don’t want to hassle with digging or trenching for the bender board pet turf perimeter, good news for you!

Wonder Edge pet turf perimeter installs without digging or trenching. Your pet gets a great place to exercise and have fun and you skip back-breaking installation work. Other synthetic turf perimeter products require heavy labor, Wonder Edge makes edging a breeze.

black and white puppy on pet turf with yellow toy

Pets Love Pet Turf

Benefits of Pet Turf

Reasons abound to treat your pet to their very own pet lawn. Pet turf provides numerous benefits to pets and pet owners.

Eliminate muddy paws. Never worry about tracking in mud and dirt, especially when it rains. Pet turf offers the look of real grass, but skips out on the dirt part. Even during heavy rains, you only worry about wet feet and not muddy feet.

Inhibit digging. Does a little digger bugger you? If your doggies love to dig, pet turf makes a great solution. Dogs don’t find satisfaction in simply scratching the equivalent of outdoor shag carpeting. With no dirt or sand in their nails and paws, they quickly lose interest. When is the last time your pup dug a hole in the concrete or wood deck?

Reduce allergens. Summertime grasses spew allergens into the air. April through June makes up prime grass allergy season in many parts of the country. This coincides with when you want to be out with your pet! In warmer climates, grass allergy season extends through the summer. But, when you eliminate the grass, you eliminate the grass pollen.

Deters pests.  No pet lover also loves fleas! Pet turf controls pests to provide a safe place for Fido to roam.  Fleas can’t live on artificial turf blades and artificial pet turf blocks flea access to soil to nest.

pet turf with black pet turf perimeterNo Dig Pet Turf Perimeter for Standard Installation

Pet turf offers many benefits – that’s clear. But installing pet turf over soil requires not only prepping the base, it requires digging a deep trench around the turf for benderboard. What a hassle.

But Wonder Edge pet turf perimeter goes down before the turf and requires no digging or trenching. Simply nail the perimeter pieces in place once the base is compacted. Lay the turf, rough cut the edges, then tuck the edges into Wonder Edge and nail the turf in place.

How easy!

pet turf edging for hardscape installNo Dig Pet Turf Perimeter for Hardscapes

Often, pet turf serves as an important component of hardscapes. This requires installing the turf over a hard surface such as concrete.

With benderboard, you’ve got a real problem now. But Wonder Edge low profile pet perimeter glues in place, making it the ideal product for edging artificial turf over concrete. Match the color of the pet perimeter edging to other hardscape elements for a finished, polished look.

Where to Get Your Pet Turf Perimeter

Getting do-dig pet turf perimeter product is easy. Just ask for Wonder Edge when you buy your pet turf. Buying online? Just order online. If you need product specs, you’ll find those online as well.


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No Dig Pet Turf Perimeter

Just because your dog loves digging doesn’t mean you must share their enthusiasm. If you put off putting in a pet turf area because you

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