Pet Turf Border Provides Finishing Touch

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Pet turf is a great alternative to live turf. People and pets both love love it.  Any surface this awesome deserves an awesome border. You wouldn’t leave a ragged edge on your lawn, why leave one on your pet lawn? Wonder Edge pet turf border is the perfect finishing touch for your pet’s special area.

pet turf

Why People Love Pet Turf

Because it’s easy maintenance, you spend more time playing with the dog and less time mowing, watering, and fertilizing. Artificial turf doesn’t ever turn brown unless you paint it brown. Most pet turf material is antibacterial. That holds odor down. Just another reason people love their pet lawns. An added advantage is your pet can’t track bacteria inside.

You’ve still got to pick up solid waste regularly, but liquid waste flows through the back. Just hose it down to wash it away. That’s so much easier than mowing. Of course, you don’t need to patch and seed every year.

Ever rolled on the grass with your dog and ended up itchy? Real turf has tiny serrated edges that make microscopic cuts to the skin. When you sweat, these cuts itch. You’ll never have that problem with artificial turf.

Why Dogs Love Pet Turf

Speaking of itching, it’s one of the main reasons dogs love pet turf. See, fleas and ticks don’t like pet turf. It can’t 100% eliminate the chance that your dog will ever be exposed, but it significantly reduces the chances. And if they aren’t exposed to fleas and ticks outside, they aren’t going to haul them into the house either.

Pet turf doesn’t produce seed so it can’t irritate your dog’s allergies. Too many dogs scratch and itch because of their allergy to grass hasn’t been diagnosed. People sneeze with allergies, dogs scratch. So, without grass seeds and pollen there’s a smaller allergen load for dogs and people. Who knows, you just might breathe easier.

pet turf border

Wonder Edge Pet Turf Border Makes Installation Easier

People and dogs love pet turf, but they don’t necessarily love the installation process. Preparing the substrate is a chore. Rent a plate compacter to make that job easier.

But when it comes to edging, nothing makes the job easier than Wonder Edge. Traditional bender board requires trenching and digging. What a hassle.

Wonder Edge pet turf border nails in place with turf nails. No digging, no trenching. Rough cut the edge and tuck in for a beautiful finish you and your dog will love.

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