Fake Grass Accessories for Easy Maintenance

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This article was originally published on 10/18/2019. It has been rewritten and updated to reflect the most recent information.

Fake grass sounds cheap and low-quality. But call it artificial turf and suddenly it becomes a respectable alternative to natural turf that saves water.  Behold, now it has become an eco-friendly product. Refer to it as pet turf and people think of the exact same material as something only used by the most monied and privileged among us. Whether you call it fake grass, synthetic or artificial turf, or even pet turf, when it comes to fake grass accessories, you need reliable products. And Wonder Edge is the real deal when it comes to holding your turf in place, keeping turf tight.

Real Accessories for Fake Grass

Fake grass requires less care than natural turf, but it is not completely maintenance-free. Even if you sell your lawn mower on Craig’s List or OfferUp, keep your leaf blower, broom, and garden hose. These comprise the essential fake grass accessories for year-round maintenance.

Leaf Blower

That leaf blower comes in handy unless all the trees in your neighborhood have been replaced with fake trees. Even if you don’t have trees in your yard, trees still exist in your area. Leaves don’t respect property boundaries when the wind blows. Leaves collect on fake grass and artificial turf. Take the leaf blower and blow leaves off your turf.

Broom or Turf Rake

Even the toughest fake grass gets trampled over time. Every few months, use an artificial turf rake or broom and vigorously sweep the turf.  This action returns the blades to their upright position. A broom with synthetic bristles is perfect for your synthetic grass. If pets and people only walk in certain areas, then focus on fluffing up those areas and leave the rest of the turf alone. Chances are those blades aren’t bent if they haven’t been trod upon by man or beast.

a woman using fake grass accessories to clean synthetic turfGarden Hose

Hose the fake grass down regularly to control odors. This is especially important for pet turf. Use enzyme cleansers specially formulated for cleaning up pet urine and feces from pet turf to keep turf sanitary. Apply liberally.  Alternatively,  spray artificial turf with a solution of vinegar and water with a garden sprayer. Of course, your yard will temporarily smell like salad dressing, but at least no pesky rabbits will eat your grass.


In addition to sweeping and raking, adding additional infill as necessary keeps turf blades erect. Silica sand offers an economical option. For pet turf, zeolite makes sense as it naturally helps control odors. Other fake grass accessories come into play every few months. Adding infill should only be necessary every 18 months or so.

fake grass accessories for edging lawn sitting out of box on turfWonder Edge Fake Grass Accessories

Of course, keeping your fake grass looking real starts with a quality installation. And a quality installation always ends with a Wonder Edge. Wonder Edge holds turf in place in addition to providing a clean transition between fake grass and other surfaces.

Wonder Edge LP-H for hard surfaces or soft holds the turf in place, provides a clean, even edge and some Wonder Edge products are ADA compliant. Use Wonder Edge when your turf is installed over cement, asphalt, or other hard surfaces. Install Wonder Edge for putting greens and pet yards. When it comes to accessories for fake grass, Wonder Edge is the real deal. You even have low-profile options.

Find it at your artificial turf supplier or order Wonder Edge online.

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