Right Artificial Turf Accessories Speed Install Time

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If time is money, wouldn’t you like to know how to have more of both? Professional artificial turf installers spend more time preparing and edging than laying turf. Wonder Edge can’t help with surface preparation. But, our edging and connector system are the artificial turf accessories that help finish quickly.

Turf Accessories for a Clean Finish

Every turf installer wants a clean finish. Every edge smooth, no tears and no rough spots. Wonder Edge lets you pull off a smooth finish with a rough cut. Here’s how.

Every piece of Wonder Edge turf edging has a slot for the turf edge. When laying the turf, just take your knife and rough cut the edge. Don’t worry about getting a smooth absolutely 100% straight cut. Wonder Edge has your back. That’s because the installer just takes that rough edge and tucks it in. Check this out

Quick Install Requires No Special Tools

When you use Wonder Edge turf accessories, you don’t need any special tools. Just use the spikes you always use to nail the turf in place.

There’s no extra tools or fasteners needed. That’s less for the install crew to keep up with, less for the crew to lose, and less for you to inventory.

The only additional thing you bring to the job site is the Wonder Edge.

While benderboard needs a shovel (and pick depending on the soil) to install, Wonder Edge doesn’t. That’s because there’s no trenching required.

wonder edge artificial turf accessories speed the install and get you on the course quickly

What Will You Do with Your Extra Time and Money?

So, here’s the real question. What will you do with the time and money you save by installing Wonder Edge?

How can profitability be increased when you cut your install time down by 90%? Sound too good to be true?  Well, it’s not.

We’re talking about synthetic turf accessories that require no trenching and allow for a rough cut edge. That takes only 10% of the time of trenching and burying benderboard and finish cutting your turf edge.

So seriously, you’ll do more jobs faster. And your jobs will be more profitable. So, you need a plan for reinvesting that money and time back into your business.

See the Wonder Edge difference for yourself. Order Wonder Edge online or add it to your PO at your local turf and turf accessories supplier. You’ll never install turf the same way again.


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