Right Synthetic Turf Supplies Key to Cost-Effective Installs

wonder edge artificial turf accessories speed the install and get you on the course quickly
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The North American synthetic turf market is huge. And it’s growing. According to the Synthetic Turf Council, the total value of installed synthetic turf systems was estimated to be $2.7 billion in 2020. That’s approximately 265 million square feet of turf installed. Companies that want to scale need the right synthetic turf supplies to minimize install time.

Where the Synthetic Turf Is

The same report showed that synthetic turf is popular across North America.

The West, Midwest, and Northeast each makeup about one-quarter of the market with the remainder split between the Southern states as well as Canada.

Drought cycles in the South will only increase demand for synthetic turf.  And on the rest of the continent, aging Baby Boomers are looking for ways to make their Golden Years more enjoyable. And eliminating lawn maintenance chores makes the top of the list of making life more enjoyable.

Opportunities abound for businesses to scale. But more sales equals more installs. That requires the most efficient installation possible. Enter the Wonder Edge advantage.

Wonder Edge versus EasyFlex lawn edging

Bender Board versus Wonder Edge

Nothing beats Wonder Edge when it comes to improving install efficiency. Bender board requires digging and trenching. These activities consume almost as much time as laying the actual synthetic turf.

In a head-to-head comparison of Wonder Edge to traditional bender board, Wonder Edge is the clear winner.

When you stop trenching, you cut about 90% of the install time.

Companies that want to scale don’t have time to waste on digging and trenching for edging.

Install Wonder Edge with your turf stakes and be done with it. Stop worrying about conforming to curves. Because Wonder Edge is flexible, you simply install it to edge any shape you need.

bad synthetic turf supplies bad results and edge creep

Edge Creep Ruins Easy Flex Install

Flex Edge versus Wonder Edge

You may consider Flex Edge as a no-dig alternative to bender board. If you want to keep your customers happy and gain referrals stay away from Fled Edge.

In another head-to-head comparison of Flex Edge to Wonder Edge, Wonder Edge was once again the clear winner.

Just check out reviews on Amazon and you’ll find people unhappy with the durability and performance of flex edging. On the other hand, Wonder Edge stands up to extremes in heat. There’s no warping or edge creep.

Wonder Edge sits and stays just like a well-trained dog.

Wonder Edge synthetic turf supplies fastest time to ROI

Synthetic Turf Supplies for Fastest ROI

If you’re looking for the fastest ROI on your synthetic turf supplies, look no further than Wonder Edge. It’s the only edging to use for professional synthetic turf companies that want to grow and scale.

You’ll do more jobs faster and increase your margins on every job you complete.

Buy Wonder Edge wherever you buy your turf supplies or purchase it online. Either way, it’s the fastest way to install and achieve ROI.



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