Sit! Stay! Wonder Edge Turf Edging Keeps Dog Turf in Place

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Do you have a dog and a lawn? Do you love playing with the dog outside but aren’t crazy about taking care of the lawn? You might want dog turf. This is especially true if you live in a desert and want somewhere for your dog to play. The answer is artificial grass. But not just any artificial grass. You need dog turf. And you don’t want just any turf edging. You want Wonder Edge. Wonder Edge and dog turf are a match made in Heaven.

Benefits of Dog Turf

All artificial turf requires little maintenance. It doesn’t attracts bugs and it doesn’t yellow. You spend more time enjoying the outdoors with your dog. That’s true for all artificial turf. But dog turf is different. Some artificial grass doesn’t feel good underfoot. If your dog has sensitive paws, you don’t want your fake grass to hurt those paws. Dog turf won’t hurt paws. It’s a special synthetic grass that’s made for pets.

Dog turf usually includes an antimicrobial treatment. Since dogs do their business on the turf. That’s important. The backing of dog turf is different as well. It allows urine to flow through.

Artificial grass made for pets is easy to clean and looks good. Many doggie day cares use dog turf. Install it indoors or out. But, no matter where you install it, install it with Wonder Edge synthetic turf edging.

turf edging keeps pet turf in place on hard surfaces

Turf Edging that Makes Pet Turf Stay

When you tell your dog to stay, you expect it to stay. You should expect nothing less than complete obedience from your turf edging too.

On hard surfaces, Wonder Edge Low Profile turf edging meets ADA compliance guidelines. It is perfect for glue down installations and will keep that pet turf in place. When you say “stay”, your pet turf will.

With traditional installations, Wonder Edge standard turf edging hold the turf and subsurface in place. It installs so fast you’ll say “hot dog”. That’s because Wonder Edge requires no trenching. Just nail it in place and tuck your rough cut edge in the convenient slot. It goes down in about 10% of the time it takes to install bender board. Less time digging, more time enjoying the dog. What a deal.

You’ll find Wonder Edge at all major pet turf suppliers. Or, order Wonder Edge online and have it shipped directly to you.

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