Synthetic Grass Edging in a Variety of Colors

artificial lawn supplies with brown edging between turf and red mulch
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Why does Baskin-Robbins offer 31 wonderful flavors? Is there a good reason Wrigley offers 11 kinds of chewing gum? Vanilla is the most popular flavor of ice cream and Doublemint spearmint flavored chewing gum is the biggest seller. These iconic brands sell multiple flavors because Americans crave variety. Sure 80% may run with the herd (may they be Covid-19 resistant) but the remaining 20% want to stand out. That’s why Wonder Edge offers synthetic grass edging in a variety of colors.

green synthetic grass edging

The Case for Green Synthetic Grass Edging

Synthetic grass is green, shouldn’t synthetic grass edging be green as well? Wonder Edge thinks so. That’s why the product line up begins with green edging. The great thing about green is that it just blends in and fades away.

Think of it like camouflage turf edging. Of course, you can’t match the color of the blades of the synthetic turf exactly, but then again the turf blades should be different colors. The Wonder Edge green edging is the standard turf green color and is perfect for applications where you don’t want to call attention to the edging.

brown syntheetic grass edging

Brown Turf Edging is the Neutral Choice

So you say you want a neutral contrast? Well, brown turf edging is perfect. Light brown contrasts with the greens in the turf. It stands out without screaming “Look at me!” and that’s a good thing in garden design.

In the installation above, you could finish with gravel, mulch, or any other walkable surface and the turf and edging would still look great. Brown works and plays well with others.

Bend brown, or black, green Wonder Edge to your will at will. It’s flexible, bendable, and requires no trenching.

black synthetic grass edging and synthetic turf

Black Turf Edging for Contrast

Black is a standout for contrast. Juxtapose the glossy black with the lush green. The black is distinct against the turf but blends in with the color of the soil/mulch bed. Use black when you want to see the edging. And seeing the edging isn’t a bad thing. You can actually make it part of the design.

While you’re checking out the black, notice how neat the edge appears. Wonder Edge includes a slot for the turf edge. Just make a rough cut and tuck into the edging. You too will have this clean finish.

3 Colors and 2 Styles

When it comes to choices, why stop with color? Wonder Edge offers a choice in style too.

The low profile design is perfect for hard scape installation. Install your turf on a hard surface and then edge it with Wonder Edge low profile turf edging. It’s ADA compliant to keep you safe.

You still get your color choice: green, brown, or black.

So, decide the role your synthetic grass edging will play in the final design and Wonder Edge will have the color for you.

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