Synthetic Turf Edging for Hardscape, Pet Lawns, and Putting Greens

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Synthetic grass provides the perfect surface for pet lawns and putting greens. It is easy care and long-lasting. Never mow, fertilize, or water again with synthetic grass. But not all turf goes on a soil or rock substrate. Some goes over cement or other hard surfaces. Wonder Edge is the synthetic grass edging that’s perfect for hardscape installs, pet lawns, and putting greens.

synthetic turf edging for hardscape install

Synthetic Turf Edging for Hardscapes

Most turf edging is nailed in place. Ever tried to drive a nail through concrete?

It’s not a practical install method for turf edging that has been installed over a hard surface.

Trenching for benderboard isn’t practical either. If you think driving a nail in concrete is hard, imagine digging a trench.

Nope, the answer is a synthetic turf edging that easily glues down and stays in place. The answer is Wonder Edge.

It’s completely ADA compliant when installed as per manufacturer’s directions.

pet turf

Edging for Pet Lawns

Pet lawn popularity is on the rise. This synthetic turf application gives pets a place to play that’s safe from fleas and ticks. The surface is soft on the paws and serves as a spot for Fido to do his “business” that you can clean up in a snap.

Because pet lawns aren’t real grass, dog urine won’t kill it. And, because it isn’t real turf, it won’t grow, you never need to fertilize it and the only time you water it is when you hose it down to keep it clean.

But, pet lawns need a transition. And Wonder Edge is a great synthetic turf edging for pet lawns. As you can see in the install above, it’s bendable and flexible to accommodate your curves.

Since everyone has different tastes, Wonder Edge comes in 3 colors: black, green and brown.

DIY putting green with 2 holes

Putting Green Perfection

Improving your putting at home? A putting green provides a place to practice your putting and a place to unwind and relax.

Go ahead and knock a few balls around. Your synthetic turf putting green provides a smooth surface and your synthetic turf edging keeps that turf in place.

Avoid edge creep with Wonder Edge. It’s the edging that doesn’t require trenching. So, it stays where you put it.

Order Wonder Edge online or visit your local synthetic turf supply house.

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