Synthetic Turf Supplies Allergy-Free Alternative to Grass

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Tired of suffering from hay fever each Spring and Summer? Hay fever is the common name for seasonal allergic rhinitis. Grass pollen causes allergies. Synthetic turf supplies an allergy-free alternative to grass if you’re tired of sneezing.

Why Grass Causes Hay Fever

All forms of grass produce pollen. Grass pollen is very light. Because the wind carries pollen, it’s easy for you to inhale it. The pollen isn’t supposed to land in your nose, but when it does it can cause problems.

People with allergies have a problem with their immune system. It’s constantly on the lookout for germs and other invaders. In it’s vigilance, it makes mistakes in identification. Instead of seeing the protein in pollen as pollen, the immune system sees an evil invader.

Just like with other exposures to harmful germs, the body creates antigens to  “fight” the germ. Except it’s pollen, not a germ.

So, that’s why allergy symptoms are similar to cold symptoms. The biggest difference is that allergies never cause a fever. A cold or flu causes fever.

synthetic turf supplies an allergy free lawn

Synthetic Turf Supplies a Pollen Free Lawn

If you want to stop the sneezing, you’ve got to stop the pollen. Since all grass creates pollen, stopping it is a challenge.

You can mow frequently and very short. This creates a pollen free lawn. The grass never gets the chance to grow enough to create pollen.

Of course this is terribly tough on the lawn and you end up with an unhealthy patch of grass. You may be healthy but the turf is sick. Sick grass attracts bugs and disease. So, you’ll spend more time outside with the grass trying to nurse it back to health. Oh, and money. Tackling pests and disease is expensive.

But, if you replace your grass with a synthetic turf lawn you don’t worry about pollen. Synthetic grass doesn’t grow, it doesn’t reproduce, and it doesn’t produce pollen. That’s why synthetic turf supplies you a wonderful patch of green without the pollen.

Stay inside on high pollen count days

Other Ways to Reduce Grass Allergy

If you aren’t ready to let synthetic turf supply grass allergy relief, there are other ways to reduce your hay fever symptoms.

Stay indoors on high pollen count days. Consult sites like Pollen.Com to get the pollen outlook for your area. If you must venture outdoors, wear a mask (with the pandemic going on, that might be a good idea for everyone).  When you come indoors, go to the bathroom, shower and wash your hair and put on clean clothes and deposit pollen-filled clothes in the hamper. This prevents the spread of pollen in your house.

Thanks to Wonder Edge for providing synthetic turf supplies like easy-to-install edging and thanks to The Allergy Store for providing tips on controlling pollen allergy at home.

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