Synthetic Turf Supplies for a Speedy Install

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If you’re going the DIY route for that synthetic turf install, you want to do the job as efficiently as possible. That means having the right tools for a speedy install. Here are the most helpful synthetic turf supplies for a DIY install that’s fast.

This is not an efficient sod cutter

Sod Cutter

Before you can get that synthetic turf down, you’ve got to get the real turf out. Removing sod requires removing the entire plant – roots and all – and a thin layer of the topsoil.

The trick is removing the sod at a consistent depth. If you don’t remove sod evenly, you’ve started off with an uneven surface.

That’s a terrible thing. And it’s easy to get it wrong if you remove sod with a shovel.

Because when you prepare the substrate for the synthetic turf, you’ll spend time and energy ensuring the base layer is level.

Use a sod cutter to start level so you can end level.  It’s that simple.

Rent a sod cutter at the local big box store or tool rental company.

This one is available at Home Depot and will get the job done quickly.

big hammer hitting a turf nail both essential synthetic turf supplies

The Right Turf Nails

Using the right turf nails will make the job go faster and ensure a more secure install. When you are at the synthetic turf supply house, pick up 5″ nails.

Get the nails that are NOT galvanized. You want these nails to corrode and rust so that the nail and the turf become one.

Sounds crazy, but you’ll end up with a better install in the long run if those nails rust.

Place your nails about every 3 to 6 inches. If the idea of seaming your turf with glue seems tacky (pun intended) then use turf nails for seaming as well.

A standard claw hammer will do the job when it comes to installing the nails.

Wonder Edge synthetic turf supplies a smooth border against fake grass

Easy to Install Edging

Easy to install edging is a crucial synthetic turf supply for a speedy DIY install. Heck, even the pros use Wonder Edge as one of their go-to synthetic turf supplies when you need the job done right and done fast.

Wonder Edge requires no digging or trenching. You just nail it in place, install your turf. Then tuck the turf into the Wonder Edge and nail it in place.

In the time you spend just digging the trench for bender board, you’ll have all your Wonder Edge installed around the perimeter.

house with synthetic turf and a flower bed in back yard

Synthetic Turf Supplies Maintenance Free Green

Even if you are into DIY, it doesn’t mean you are into yard work. A synthetic turf supplies all the green you need without the work. And because you don’t spend time or money on mowing, watering, fertilizing, and killing pests – you save a little green too.

Now that’s a DIY job to be proud of!




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