Synthetic Turf Supplies for Easier DIY Installs

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Installing synthetic turf for a pet lawn or putting green often falls in the experienced DIY category. But even the most experienced DIY’ers want all the help they can get. For the easiest DIY turf installs, rely on these synthetic turf supplies: Wonder Edge edging, non-galvanized nails, and seaming materials.

Wonder Edge synthetic turf supplies edging in brown with green synthetic turf

Wonder Edge Turf Edging

Speed the time spent on your DIY synthetic turf install by using the fasting to install synthetic turf edging: Wonder Edge.

Wonder Edge goes down before you install the turf. Nail Wonder Edge to the perimeter of your synthetic turf area first, and then roll out your turf.

Rough-cut the edges, and tuck the edges into the Wonder Edge slot. Now, just nail that edging in place.

Wow! That’s so much easier than digging a trench to install bender board or other synthetic turf edging. In the time it takes you to just dig the trench, your Wonder Edge is down and you’re on to installing the turf.

Turf Nails

Turf nails are essential synthetic turf supplies no matter what type of edging you use. You can use either 4-inch or 6-inch turf nails to keep the turf in place.

Some people tell you to use galvanized nails because they are coated with zinc to prevent rust. But, pros tell you to always skip galvanized nails and just use plain turf nails.

See, the nails will rust and the corrosion helps the nail adhere better to the base and the turf. It’s like the nails and the turf become one. Very Zen and very strong. Even the Reddit Artificial Grass Community agrees. Do they agree on anything else?

Seaming Materials

Before you turn the first shovel or pull out the first blade of natural grass, decide on the seaming method you will use.

This video explains both methods.

If you decide to use glue, go ahead and spend the extra few bucks for a seam glue spreader. Your goal is to achieve a thin, even application of glue. The spreader helps avoid puddles and dry spots.

If you opt to nail turf seams, once again – go for the ungalvanized nails. You’ll be much happier years down the road.

Right Synthetic Turf Supplies for the Right Kind of Install

No one ever wants to do a job a second time. So, do your DIY synthetic turf install right the first time. Edge the turf with Wonder Edge, nail turf and edging with 4 or 6-inch ungalvanized nails, and make sure to take time with your seams. The right synthetic turf supplies make all the difference in how the job goes and how the job turns out.

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