Synthetic Turf Supplies for Fastest Install

Wonder Edge artificial turf edging installed against cement and flower bed
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Imagine synthetic turf supplies that provide a border that goes down fast, keeps the turf firmly in place, and goes in without digging or trenching. It’s not a daydream or a farfetched idea.

Wonder Edge supplies an artificial lawn border that installs fast without the need for shovels, picks, and trenches.

black artificial lawn border and artificial turf

The Original No-Dig Artificial Lawn Border

Digging and trenching for polyboard takes considerable time and energy. Pat Bray, the Wonder Edge inventor, knew there was a need for a better way to edge synthetic turf. The synthetic turf supplies he used in his artificial lawn installation company in Southern California for over 10 years just took too much time and effort to go down. He knew the extensive work required to install polyboard properly ate into profitability.

He also knew that when the border wasn’t installed properly, it came out of place and the installation eventually failed.

So, Pat invented an edging that nailed in place using the standard turf nails already on the job site. This eliminated the need for digging.

man in straw hat bent down installing Wonder Edge artificial lawn border

The Right Turf Supplies Speed Installation

Profitability lies in productivity. Productivity requires efficiency. Digging, breaking and removing rocks, and trenching require extensive labor just to install the artificial lawn border. That is not efficient.

Wonder Edge installs in only 10% of the time required for polyboard. When you do the job 90% faster, you move on to the next job faster. Now, that’s real productivity.

Wonder Edge installs on top of the base and provides holes for the turf nails. In a genius move, Pat incorporated a slot that holds the turf edges in place. This innovative approach to artificial turf edging brings built-in efficiency to any job where it is used.

With the base compaction complete, Wonder Edge simply outlines the space. Installers simply nail the border in place, unfurl the turf, seam, rough-cut the edge, and tuck it into the Wonder Edge slot, then nail the turf in place.

Pros love the rapid Wonder Edge installation process. Do-it-yourselfers go crazy for the ease of installation.

Wonder Edge turf accessories incorporate channel for hiding landscape lighting

Wonder Edge Turf Supplies Several Options

Wonder Edge gives you color options that match any landscaping project. Select your color from green, brown, or black options. All Wonder Edge installs fast, no matter the color.

If your installation requires additional flexibility, opt for Wonder Edge Low Profile. The product gives you enhanced flexibility over traditional Wonder Edge. Use Low Profile and create beautiful contours and tree wells. Emulate nature with flowing lines.

Glue down Wonder Edge for hardscape installation and benefit from ADA compliance.

For any artificial lawn project, Wonder Edge makes the turf supplies to speed up installation.

Shop online or get Wonder Edge where you buy your other synthetic turf supplies.

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