Synthetic Turf Supplies for Successful Installs

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Preparing the substrate requires effort. Removing rocks and roots, capping off sprinkler heads, and tamping down the base requires considerable effort and manhours. Once the turf goes down, you want it to stay down. And, stay where you installed it. Using the right synthetic turf supplies supports successful installs.

Start with the Right Nails

Successful installs start with the first nail driven into the ground. And when it comes to nails, don’t skimp.

Pick a turf nail that is at least 5 inches long. You can even go up to 6 inches if you want that feeling of extra security. Shorter nails fail to provide enough “umph” to hold turf in place.

Don’t spend the money on galvanized nails. Instead, opt for those bright, shiny common nails. Believe it or not, you want a little bit of rust. That rust helps to hold the nail and the turf in place. And by using a 5 inch or 6-inch nail, even with a little rusting, you’ve still got plenty of nail to hold the turf in place.

As the nail head rusts, it expands and bonds with the sand. Think of this as extra “glue” holding the nail and turf in place.

After all, holding the turf in place is the only job a nail has.

Use Proper Edging

Start thinking about edging differently. Quality edging holds turf in place and provides a finishing touch. When it comes to synthetic turf supplies, edging performs double duty.

Wonder Edge goes down before the turf. This makes a difference in the install method and the finished product.

Because you nail Wonder Edge in place on top of the substrate, it requires no digging or additional site prep.

Site prep is hard enough without prepping for edging.

Wonder Edge synthetic turf supplies goes down before the turf

See how the Wonder Edge sits on top? Contrast this to bender board that requires digging. Just nail Wonder Edge down with those 5-inch or 6-inch bright turf nails.

Now rough cut your turf, tuck the edge into Wonder Edge, and nail the turf in place.

synthetic turf supplies great surface for pet turf


Get a finished edge and secure the turf with one product. Artificial turf supplies green without muss and fuss and Wonder Edge synthetic turf edging supplies the finishing touch.

Wonder Edge Synthetic Turf Supplies

Get Wonder Edge wherever you buy your synthetic turf supplies. DIY’ers and pros agree Wonder Edge is the perfect finishing touch.





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