Synthetic Turf Supplies for Tree Wells, Putting Greens, and More

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What do tree wells, putting greens, and puppy runs created with synthetic turf have in common? Well aside from the fact they never need mowing or watering and always look great. They all have an edge. And for the cleanest edge, you need synthetic turf supplies that install easy and stay where you put them.

Synthetic Turf Supplies for Puppy Runs

If you are setting up a puppy run, you want to keep it as carefree as possible. That’s the whole idea behind synthetic turf. So look for synthetic turf supplies to help you achieve your goal.

Start with a Wonder Edge for the edging. This is the artificial turf border that sits and stays. Like a well trained dog, it stays where you put it until you decide it’s time to move. It goes down quickly without trenching so your pups are out enjoying their run quickly.

Once your puppy run is installed, keep a good garden hose close by. Install a water spigot if there isn’t one near the run. Hose down the area after collecting solid waste. Regular rinsing with water removes urine and keeps smells at bay.

If the area does develop an odor, apply a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Vinegar is acidic enough to kill many odor causing bacteria. If you dislike the smell of vinegar, then look for one of the many eco-friendly but effective bio cleaners like Wysiwash or Simple Green.

synthetic turf supplies like edging give tree wells a finished look

Install Supplies for Tree Wells

Tree wells are tricky. Disturb the roots during the install process and kill or damage the tree. That’s no good.

Trenching the tree well at or within the drip line runs the risk of cutting the roots.

Maples are notorious for having shallow roots. Beech trees, birch trees and cottonwoods have shallow root systems as well.

Remember that with many trees, the root systems extend far beyond the drip line. And most tree wells are within the drip line.

Use Wonder Edge in brown, black or green to finish the edge of the tree well. Unlike bender board, you won’t need to dig a trench to install.

You’ll simply nail it in place with your regular turf spikes, lay the turf, then come back and rough cut the edge and tuck it neatly into the Wonder Edge slot. Nail in place and be done. Fill with mulch to suppress weeds and call it done.

DIY putting green with 2 holes

Synthetic Turf  Supplies for Putting Greens

Keep a leaf blower handy. It’s the fastest way to clean off your putting green. Sure the hose is great for removing dust and small debris, but it won’t always get rid of leaves.

If you are an early putter, a dew whip removes moisture quickly so you can practice on a dry surface. What will they think of next?

Keep a supply of flags on hand and don’t be afraid to change them with the seasons. If you’re going to have a personal putting green, it should be marked with personalized flags.


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