Synthetic Turf Supplies Green Without Grass

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Face it, grass is finicky. If you’ve ever tried to start a new lawn, you know it’s not easy. Grass seeds plus soil and water do not equal a green lawn. But they are a formula for frustration. Why hassle when synthetic turf supplies that eye pleasing expanse of green with much less worry.

synthetic turf supplies green in shady areas where grass doesn't grow

Requires Less Water

Grass refuses to grow without water. When grass doesn’t get water it turns brown. Yuck. Grass needs water to stay green. Synthetic turf supplies consistent green, even in the absence of rain or irrigation. This is a big deal if you live in a water-starved area or are concerned about future availability of water supplies.

Turf Requires Fertilizer and Creates Runoff

Real grass not only demands water, that picky stuff wants to be fed as well. To keep grass green, growing and healthy it must be fed.

Whether you use organic or synthetic fertilizers, runoff is inevitable. When the nitrogen and phosphorus in fertilizer runs into natural water supplies, it feeds algae. Just like grass, algae likes to be fed too. So the algae blooms. Algae blooms reduce the oxygen in water. If you are a fish or an amphibian this is a really bad thing. Grass may be natural, but it’s not necessarily environmentally friendly.

On the other hand, synthetic turf supplies that green and healthy look without being watered. You may occasionally want to hose the dust and dirt off your synthetic turf, but that will not produce runoff that is filled with nitrogen and phosphorus.

synthetic turf supplies the look of grass without the maintenance

This Grass Never Needs Mowing and the Wonder Edge Never Needs Trimming

Synthetic Turf Never Needs Mowing

Now here’s the real winning factor for anyone who has ever had to mow the grass in the heat and humidity of summer. Synthetic turf supplies green without growing and when finished with Wonder Edge always has a neat, clean finished edge!

Real grass only looks good when it is growing. And when it is growing, it needs cutting and trimming. Then you’ve got to collect the grass clippings or blow them all over the neighborhood.

And you’ll probably be using gas powered or electric mowers, trimmers, and blowers to get the job done. That’s using a lot of energy and you’re going to need to do it again in a week or 10 days.

That’s a lot of human energy and a lot of fossil fuel energy (unless you have a solar mower). Synthetic grass doesn’t demand you use energy to keep it looking nice.

synthetic grass edging creates a line between turf and other surfaces

Synthetic Turf Supplies the Perfect Alternative to Grass

In high traffic areas, in areas that are prone to drought, or in shady areas, synthetic grass supplies a real alternative to grass.

Modern synthetic turf is soft underfoot and some varieties even vary the color of the blades to more closely emulate real grass.

In commercial or residential settings, synthetic turf might just be the alternative to turf.

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