Synthetic Turf Supplies Speed Pro Turf Install

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If you install synthetic turf for a living, you need to make the best use of crew time. Therefore, you give your crews every productivity tool you can. Having the right synthetic turf supplies on hand at the job site speeds installation. Especially when you have Wonder Edge on site.

bender board fake grass edging requires digging a trench

Stop Trenching and Start Installing

Trenching and digging to prepare for bender board takes almost as much time as site preparation. In fact, you could consider trenching for the bender board almost part of the site prep. It takes so long. This is especially true in dry areas, rocky areas, and clay areas. Well, okay… it’s true almost anywhere.

What if you had synthetic turf supplies that edged the install and went on top of the ground? Does that sound too good to the true?

It’s real. Wonder Edge synthetic turf edging requires no digging and no trenching.

Wonder Edge synthetic turf edging is easy to install

Synthetic Turf Edging So Easy to Use

Wonder Edge installs so easily even a DIY installer can use it.

So you know your crew will find it easy to use too.

Simply nail the Wonder Edge synthetic turf edging down at the edge of the install area. It doesn’t matter if the job is:

  • synthetic turf
  • putting green
  • pet lawn

Use your regular turf nails to anchor Wonder Edge in place.

Now lay your turf and make a quick rough edge cut. Tuck the edges in the special Wonder Edge slot. Nail turf in place.

Wow! Just that fast.

Wonder Edge artificial fake grass edging installs easily and quickly

Look how easy it is to get a smooth finish that stays in place.

Synthetic Turf Supplies Holding Action

If you don’t get the trench for the bender board deep enough and if you fail to backfill properly your install fails.

Clearly, they didn’t use Wonder Edge

See how this edging fails to keep a smooth border?

The trench isn’t deep enough. And, the surface is uneven. To make matters worse, the edging pieces are pulling apart.

Wonder Edge supplies a finished edge and a means of holding the turf in place. Stop worrying about digging the trench for bender board deep enough and start installing with Wonder Edge.

Put an end to edge creep, failed installs, and digging and trenching.

Buy Wonder Edge synthetic turf edging wherever you buy your install goods. Or, just order Wonder Edge online.

Cut install time by 90%.

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Wonder Edge Fake lawn perimeter installed on hardscape around fake grass and planters