Synthetic Turf Accessories for Edging

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Synthetic turf offers a beautiful alternative to natural turf. However, it offers challenges not always faced with natural turf. One of these challenges arises from the transition between the turf and adjoining areas. Synthetic turf requires accessories for edging to create a line between sidewalks, walkways, planting beds, and tree wells. With natural turf, accessories for edging aren’t required. Edging provides aesthetics for natural grass.  With synthetic turf, edging performs an essential purpose. It maintains the substrate and the turf material.

comparing 2 sizes synthetic turf accessories - edging productsSynthetic Turf Edging Options

Most professional synthetic turf installers rely on bender board or Wonder Edge. Bender board creates a border between the artificial turf and flower beds or tree wells. Unfortunately, bender board requires digging a deep trench for installation.  Frequently, when soil is poor or rocky, this trench may only be 2 inches deep. That’s not sufficient to keep bender board in place. Eventually, the edging falls over or “creeps” out of place.

Wonder Edge installs before the turf goes into place. It nails into place on the perimeter of the turf and then the turf goes down. A simple rough cut to size the turf creates the edge that’s tucked into the Wonder Edge.

side cutaway view synthetic turf accessories edging productBecause Wonder Edge goes down under the turf and not adjacent to the synthetic turf, it doesn’t creep. Worries about edge creep evaporate. Plus, no digging or trenching involved.

Synthetic Turf Accessories to Speed Turf Installation

What do DIY’ers and professional synthetic turf installers have in common?  They just want the job to be over! DIY’ers want to enjoy their putting green, pet lawn, or backyard as soon as possible.  Pros want to be on to the next job.

Using the right synthetic turf accessories for edging can whack up to 90% off the edge installation time. In the time it takes to properly trench for bender board and firmly in-fill, you’ll have most of the installation complexly done when you use Wonder Edge.

DIY’ers appreciate the ease of installation and professionals appreciate the speed. The faster a crew works, the more they can accomplish. More installs faster equals more revenue generated at a lower cost.

Synthetic Turf Edging in Green

Finding Wonder Edge

Shop for Wonder Edge online or find it at synthetic turf suppliers. If you need help installing Wonder Edge, check out our helpful video installation library. Find tips for creating corners, tree wells, and even installing on hard surfaces.

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