The Importance of Synthetic Grass Edging Products

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The synthetic grass edging products you use has a direct impact on the success or failure of your project. As a DIY’er you’re already behind the eight ball, because you don’t have extensive experience to draw upon. So, follow the lead of the pros. Pick the right synthetic grass edging product to make the install easier, the results more visually appealing, and the outcome last for years.

synthetic grass edging creates a line between turf and other surfaces

The Most Common Synthetic Grass Edging Products

If you talk to many synthetic grass pros, you’ll find they use one of two products. Bender board or Wonder Edge. Bender board has its followers because some of it looks remotely like redwood. Not really, but they think it does.

Bender Board Synthetic Grass Edging

Bender board is popular because like its name implies, it bends. Real wood doesn’t bend. So, its superior to real wood. Also, because it is a plastic product, it will last for years. Once again, the Bender Board will last longer than wood.

But, Bender board isn’t without it’s downsides. You must use arduous labor to install the product. Trench, trench, and then trench some more. Even after all the trenching, it can move on you. If the Bender board is installed in soft soil, you risk losing the compacted base material if the edge comes lose. Now your project isn’t lasting for years, it is an ever lasting headache. If you don’t backfill, you get a gap between the edging and the turf.

Wonder Edge Synthetic Grass Edging

Wonder Edge is also a plastic product. It bends like Bender board but it is so much easier to install. As a DIY’er you’ll appreciate the difference.

Wonder Edge even won a head to head contest against Easyflex, a popular Bender board product.

Wonder Edge doesn’t require trenching. Your back will certainly appreciate that little tidbit. It’s one of the reasons pros prefer Wonder Edge. They install it faster.

You tuck the rough cut edge of your turf material into a special slot in the Wonder Edge. This keeps the turf by the edging and the edging and turf in place.

DIY Like the Pros

For professional looking results, do what the pros do. Use Wonder Edge edging for you synthetic grass project.

artificial turf border design installs without digging

The Synthetic Grass Warehouse loves it and so will you.


It will install easily and last for years.


You can find Wonder Edge where you buy your synthetic grass material and accessories. You can also order Wonder Edge  online from the comfort of your couch. Pick from brown, black or green. Just pick Wonder Edge and edge your synthetic turf like a pro.

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