The Right Artificial Lawn Supplies Save Crew Time

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When it comes to installing an artificial lawn, your biggest expense is labor. Your crews are your most valuable asset. They are also your most expensive. The faster and more efficiently they work, the more time you save. Since time equals money in the artificial lawn business, saving time saves money. So, it only makes sense to use artificial lawn supplies that make installation easier. Meet Wonder Edge.

The No Dig No Trench Solution

It’s an artificial lawn installation, not World War 1.  Put down that shovel and pick. Get out of the foxholes and stop digging trenches. Ditch the bender board and embrace Wonder Edge. This is the most valuable tool in your arsenal for a quick and easy installation.

Traditional bender board requires a trench. Then backfilling. Then hoping it was done right. With Wonder Edge, you just use your turf stakes to place the edge in place. Then as you lay your turf and as you stake you tuck the rough cut edge into the Wonder Edge slot. It’s that easy. Seriously. That’s all there is to it.

You’ll spend more time preparing the subsurface than you will trenching for bender board. How’s that for a big time saver.

artificial lawn supplies include border for easy turf installationHere’s How it Works

Once your substrate is clean, leveled and compacted you are ready for turf installation. But, before you do, install Wonder Edge.

Flexible Wonder Edge accommodates the curves and bends you need to complete your design. Connectors attach runs of Wonder Edge together. Simply take your turf stakes and pound them into the holes on the Wonder Edge.

Once your Wonder Edge is in place (and wow wasn’t that faster than digging a trench for bender board) you are ready to come back and install the turf.  As you stretch your turf to the edge, stake it in place. Now, take your edge (rough cut is fine) and tuck it securely into the Wonder Edge slot.

There you  have it, a perfectly finished edge in only about 10% of the time you would have spent trenching, staking, and backfilling bender board.

artificial lawn supplies include a border to keep turf in place

Get Wonder Edge Where You Get Your Artificial Lawn Supplies

Wondering where you can find Wonder Edge? Just shop for it where you currently get your supplies for installation. If your supplier doesn’t carry Wonder Edge, ask them why they want you to work so hard!

Then tell them to make your life easier and start carrying Wonder Edge.

Until then, you can order it online right here at the website. Buy Wonder Edge in several styles for different install applications. We’ve even got a Wonder Edge for artificial turf install on hard surfaces. ADA compatible options as well.  Can you say that about your bender board?

Stop wasting time, effort and money. Start installing your artificial lawns with Wonder Edge today.

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