4 Turf Accessories Keep Artificial Lawns Looking Great

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Want to keep that just-installed look for your artificial turf? Whether you have a new pet lawn, putting green, yard, or common area, here are the turf accessories that will keep your new turf looking great.

Wonder Edge turf accessories create edge between beige brick patio and artificial turfStart with the Right Edging Turf Accessories

Using the right edging turf accessories during installation provides the best insurance policy you’ll ever get for keeping your turf tight and looking great.

Use Wonder Edge turf edging instead of bender board or other materials. Most turf edging installs in a pre-dug trench. Few crews ever take the time to dig the trench to the proper depth. It’s understandable because digging a deep trench is back- and rock-breaking work. They also use galvanized nails to secure the turf.

Be smart and keep your turf looking great. Start with Wonder Edge nailed in place around the perimeter of the turf before the turf goes down. Then lay your turf, rough cut the edges, and nail in place with non-galvanized nails.

With digging and trenching eliminated, you rest assured your turf will stay in place and avoid dreaded turf creep. (Read more about edge creep here).

A leaf blower is the ideal turf accessory to clean this up in no time

Leaf Blower to Remove Debris

From time to time, you’ll need to remove leaves, sticks, twigs, and other small debris from the turf.

Inside, you use the force of air to remove small debris from your floors. Call that device a vacuum cleaner. Outside, you use the force of air in reverse to remove small debris from your turf. Call that device a leaf blower.

Whether you go electric or gas-powered, the leaf blower removes small debris easily and quickly from your artificial lawn, pet lawn, or putting green.

In less time than you ever spent mowing, edging, or raking, your lawn looks great and you go back to enjoying life.

man with garden hose spraying water at treeGarden Hose for Sticky Situations

Let the garden hose act as your go-to device for sticky situations. Someone spill a bit of food or beverage?  Hose it off.

Dust and ash in the air? Keep it off your lawn with the garden hose.

Because you use it infrequently, you still save on water usage over a traditional lawn.

For pet lawns, use an enzyme cleaner first. Next, spray down the turf with your hose.

Your artificial turf looks and smells great – just like the day it was installed!

Photo Courtesy Orientools

Rake and Infill Turf Accessories for Maintenance

Eventually, you must add infill and rake to keep your turf looking great.

Over time, blades bend under foot traffic.

A rake and infill restore the look of your turf. Blades once again stand at attention, ready to do your bidding by looking better than the neighbor’s lawn.

The better the infill quality, the longer it lasts. Like choosing Wonder Edge for your edging – choose the best infill available during installation and your turf will look top-notch longer.



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