Turf Accessories that Lengthen The Life of Your Lawn

Wonder Edge turf accessories keeps pet turf in place on hard surfaces
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When you invest in artificial turf, you want an install that lasts for years. The turf accessories you use contribute to the length of your turf life. So, use the products that give you the most enjoyment and longest life possible.


Without infill, your turf struggles to handle foot traffic. Natural grass has a root and crown structure to support the blades. Artificial turf needs some support to prevent matting. You can go with natural infill products like sand, zeolite, or a mixture of the two, or opt for rubber infill. Either way, the additional support given by infill lengthens the life of your turf. Your turf looks better longer and requires less brushing and raking to maintain its original beauty. showing how turf accessories like infill keep artifical turf from becoming compressedSource

Natural infill

Sand or zeolite make great infill options for natural infill. Both offer small granules to get in between those blades and help them stay erect. Sand and zeolite both drain fast.  You won’t worry about ponding as long as your base drains properly. Zeolite provides a bonus odor absorbing capability that makes it a favorite for pet lawns. Sand is silica. Zeolite consists of silica, aluminum, and oxygen. Formed in volcanoes, zeolite’s honeycomb structure traps odors.

Rubber infill

For sports fields, athletic spaces, and play areas rubber provides an extra cushion or bounce. Recycled tires find new life as crumb infill artificial turf accessories. The recycling aspect makes rubber a green option. But, it will cost more green than natural infill.

artificial grass border creates natural looking tree well

Edging Turf Accessories

There’s no question you need edging that holds tight. Install the wrong edging around a tree well and it won’t be long before your base has washed away and your turf goes wonky.

Wonder Edge edging turf accessories go down easy and stay put. Pick from options for install on natural areas or on hardscapes. Nail your Wonder Edge in place, rough-cut the turf, and tuck into the Wonder Edge. And speaking of nails, make sure to use the right turf nails.

It may seem logical to opt for galvanized nails, but don’t spend the extra money for galvanized nails. You want the nail to rust and provide extra adhesion.

Spend your money on turf nails at least 6 inches in length.

Spiral designs give you more holding power in the long run. That means the turf holds tight to the edging. Your install won’t fail due to bad nails or a poor choice in edging like bender board.

The Most Important Turf Accessory You Own

The most important of all turf accessories is the one you probably already own.

artificial turf accessories include garden hose

That’s right, the simple garden hose.

Keep your artificial turf clean and smelling fresh with a simple garden hose. Just rinse it down and let it dry.

Using these simple turf accessories extends the life of your artificial turf. They aren’t expensive or hard to use. So, you have no excuse not to use:

  • the right infill
  • Wonder Edge edging
  • non-galvanized nails
  • garden hose.

These accessories work together to lengthen the life of your artificial turf.





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