Turf Accessories to Make Synthetic Turf Installation Easy

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Thinking about installing synthetic turf yourself? Like many DIY projects, it pays to take your time and do the job properly as well as quickly. Don’t put the effort into installing a lumpy putting green. Why waste time on turf that buckles or edges that ravel. Synthetic turf is supposed to be maintenance-free.  So, take your time and use the right turf accessories. It makes the difference between an easy install or a bevy of never-ending problems. Start with the finish, look to the edge first.

Wonder Edge synthetic turf accessories make install faster

Easy Install Edging

During DIY turf installation research, you probably focused on how to match and seal those seams. You focused like a laser on experts that gave advice on laying the turf and backfilling for a natural appearance. You took to heart every tip on creating a flawless seam. Many times, people pay no attention to the part that says to install edging to complete the install.

That’s a big mistake. If you have clay soil, rocky soil, or any other hard substrate, you might spend more time digging and spiking for bender board than laying the actual turf.  But if you use  Wonder Edge you’ll see why the pros love this edging. Wonder Edge requires no trenching and digging. Just nail turf spikes down to hold it in place then cut and tuck. You’ll have a clean, finished edge in a short time.

turf accessories like a sharp knife make install go faster

Cut With a Sharp Blade

Think about the blade that cuts the synthetic turf. Your job goes smoother the sharper the blade, you use. And blades that stay sharp mean you spend more time cutting and less time changing blades.

Pick a titanium blade for sharpness. Find a Clauss utility knife and work with the best tool. That titanium blade resists rust. When faced with steel or titanium, select titanium. Sure, steel makes for a harder metal, but titanium is stronger.

A dull knife slows your cutting progress and adds frustration. Make relief cuts around tree wells or curved spaces and ease the turf into the space. You’ll also need to make edge cuts. A sharp blade provides the right tool for edge and relief cuts.

Disappearing Wiring

Solar lights provide wireless lighting. But they aren’t perfect for every area. In shady areas, low-voltage outdoor lighting provides lighting at night without the need for sunlight in the day. Digging and trenching spaces for electric wiring for lights is as much fun and trenching for bender board. Once again, the prep may be more work than the actual install job.

Use Wonder Edge turf accessories to hide lighting wiring. Use the hollow rail that holds the turf in place. Install lights, hide wires, and never dig!

How to Order Turf Accessories

Order your turf accessories when you place your order for turf. Get plenty of adhesive and extra gloves.  When it comes to the edging, be sure to ask for the Wonder Edge synthetic grass edging system by name. There are some products that might look like Wonder Edge, but they still require digging. Like renting a walk-behind turf sweeper or motorized tamper, Wonder Edge is one of those artificial turf accessories you don’t want to tackle an install without. If your turf supplier doesn’t carry Wonder Edge, order Wonder Edge online and deliver it to your house.



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