Turf Accessories to Turbocharge Installs

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Everything moves faster these days. Laptops and microwave ovens conspire to make us impatient. Yet, not everything digitizes well.  Artificial turf for example. Ever try to download a new artificial turf lawn? Ain’t happening! But, the right turf accessories turbocharger installs. Reduce install time with edging that doesn’t require trenching or digging. Blasphemy you say?  Read on.

some turf accessories for edging require trenching

Trenching Consumes Time

Digging a trench for the bender board eats up hours and hours of time. Time equals labor. And labor equals money. Trenching sucks dollars.

So, save money and save time. Quit trenching. Start installing Wonder Edge.

Wonder Edge requires no trenching. Simply nail Wonder Edge in place with turf nails. Install turf OVER the Wonder Edge. Now, come back and rough cut the edge. Tuck the edge into the Wonder Edge slot. Voila!

Get a finished artificial turf edge that looks good and stays in place. Fast.

bad turf accessories create turf creep

Edge Creep Ruins the Install

Bad Trenches Degrade Installations

Shallow trenches lead to edge creep. The bender board can’t hold the turf in place. Therefore it creeps, leans, and ruins the look of the install. Over time, edge creep leads to turf failure. Subsoil escapes and the perfect install is perfectly ruined.


Bad trenches happen when frustrated installers face clay soil, rocks, and other conditions that make trenching hard.

They decide to make do with the trench they can dig, not the trench they should dig. Trouble lurks on the horizon.

On the other hand, Wonder Edge needs no trench. Install Wonder Edge on hardscape surfaces. Try that with bender board!

You place your reputation at risk with every install. One trench dug too shallow and there goes your reputation along with the turf. Protect your reputation and install perfectly every time with turf accessories that turbocharger the install and then hold it in place like a superhero.

Turf Accessories for Pet Lawns, Putting Greens, Tree Lawns, and More

Wonder Edge provides a rapid edge for any artificial turf installation. Put up a pet lawn, lay down a putting green, or trim up a tree lawn in record time with Wonder Edge.

Reduce install time by 90% and work more efficiently. Crews install more when they install faster.

Now, if there was just a way to make base compaction easier!

Everything should be as easy as Wonder Edge.


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