Turf Edging for Artificial Turf

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With natural lawns, turf edging delineates the grassy lawn area from planting beds and prevents grass from growing onto walkways. Edging makes it easier to edge natural grass. You can still have a beautiful natural lawn without edging of any sort.

But with artificial grass, edging plays a vital role. It does more than just look beautiful and makes maintenance easier. It plays an essential part in maintaining the integrity of the installation.

artificial turf, artificial turf edging, and gavel in a bed

More Than a Pretty Face

The edging for fake grass creates a clean line between artificial turf and tree wells, walkways, and planting beds. But when it comes to artificial turf, edging is much more than just another pretty face.

The edging for an artificial turf installation must work to maintain the integrity of the installation.

If the wrong edging is used or the edging is installed incorrectly, the turf, edging, and base creep towards failure.

turf edging creeping into gravel bed

Edging not trenched deep enough

The Problem with Turf Creep

Until recently, the most common edging used for artificial turf was some sort of bender board. This edging is made from plastic.

Bender board requires deep trenching and back-breaking digging to create the space for installation. Unfortunately, few installers rarely dig or trench deep enough. Instead of going 8” down, they may only dig a trench 4 or 5 inches deep. That may be just a few inches short, but it makes all the difference.

Edge creep ensues over time. The product flops over and the grass carpet creeps out of place. Not only does it look bad, but the substrate can be lost in one good rainstorm.

Wonder Edge lawn edging for artificial grass and mulch

Artificial Turf Edging that Stays In Place

Wonder Edge provides an alternative to edging that requires deep trenches. This artificial turf edging requires zero trenching!

That’s right. Wonder Edge nails in place before the turf is even installed. Just use your regular fake grass nails to hold the product in place and then proceed with your installation.

After the turf is down, simply rough cut your turf, nail it in place and tuck the edge into the Wonder Edge slot.

Wonder Edge won’t creep, but it will hold your artificial turf firmly in place. No creeping means no weeping over ruined artificial turf.

flexible artificial lawn border makes turf install easier

This edging goes down before the turf

Installs Faster

Ditch the shovel and pickaxe and grab your hammer. Start nailing Wonder Edge in place. Because this edging requires no digging or trenching, you cut the install time down substantially.

Order Wonder Edge online or find it where you get your artificial turf.



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