Turf Edging That’s Tough

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If you’re investing the time, money, labor and materials into synthetic turf, you want it to last. The whole idea behind synthetic turf is to make life easier.  So make sure you pick a turf edging that’s tough enough to last but isn’t tough to install.

artificial turf and artificial turf edging with flowers in front of car dealership sign

All the Beauty, None of the Hassle

Synthetic turf is all about providing maximum beauty with a minimum of maintenance hassle. It’s perfect for building entry ways.

For example, the Tustin Auto Center provides it’s new and used car customers exceptional service whether they are buying or repairing their cars.

And they need to look good while they are doing it. But, they don’t want to take resources away from serving customers just to keep the grounds looking good.

Synthetic turf was made for this type of job. And Wonder Edge makes the edge look great. No worries about watering, fertilizing and mowing that synthetic grass. And, there’s no worries about edge creep from a turf edging that won’t stay put.

artificial turf edging provides border between turf and stamped concrete walkway

Uncommonly Great for Common Areas

Synthetic turf is also a “natural” for common areas for condos, hotels, and office buildings.

Here you want the natural look of turf, but you don’t want to hassle guests and residents while you handle the watering and mowing chores.

You might water at night, but you’re not going to mow. Common areas sporting synthetic turf always look great. And a turf edging that withstands the rigors of foot traffic is great too. It takes what the weather throws its way and stays standing.

Wonder Edge goes down easy and stays down too. As a transition between walkways and turf surfaces, it’s the turf edging that excels. You get as close as possible between the two surfaces and no trenching or backfilling required.

It’s even ADA approved for hardscape installations. That’s particularly important to keep your property in compliance.

Tough Tough Edging With an Easy Install

Wonder Edge may be one tough turf edging, but it installs easy.

Just watch


Now, compare that to trenching, staking, and installing bender board. Talk about a difference.

And Wonder Edge won’t give you that creeping feeling you get when improperly installed edging starts to shift out of place. You know that good turf edging doesn’t creep. And if you don’t, then read our blog about edge creep.

The Wonder of Wonder Edge Turf Edging

It’s as easy to buy Wonder Edge as it is to install it. Just ask where you buy your artificial turf and installation supplies. If they don’t carry it, ask them to order it for you.

Or cut out the middle man and buy Wonder Edge direct. Either way you’ll get an easy to install product that stands up to the elements, foot traffic, and whatever else you may throw it’s way.

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