Do the Turf Accessories You Use Matter?

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When you install artificial turf, do the turf accessories you use really matter?  Yes! The products you select make a big difference in your work efficiency and save more than just time.

So, pick the turf accessories for installing artificial turf carefully. The right products support a long life for your turf installation.

Here are 4 turf accessories perfect for DIY’ers and professionals alike.

man holding hammer and turf nail to exhibit common turf accessories used to install artificial turfTurf Nails

Turf nails hold the turf in place. Get nails that are too short and your turf shifts and bunches. So, select non-galvanized 40D nails that are 5 to 6 inches long. Spiralized nails make the perfect choice.

Interesting note, nails are measured by the penny. Historically, it referred to the price for 100 nails. Penny still refers to nail size, but the penny size doesn’t relate to any measurement of the nail.  Diving deeper down the rabbit hole, the D for penny size comes from Roman times when a small coin was called a denarius. While we longer trade in denarius and pennies are rare, the D designation remains when measuring nails.

sealf adhesive seaming tape artificial turf accessories to install turfAdhesive Joining Tape

A relative newcomer to the artificial turf accessories market, adhesive joining tape proves to be a real game changer. For DIY’ers, this is much easier to use than securing a seam with glue and seam cloth.

It works just as well and saves time. Unexperienced do-it-yourselfers find it creates less mess and fuss. It works well for smaller pieces and pieces that are easy to manipulate when you must seam pieces in place.

For larger pieces and pieces that are difficult to move, stick with seam cloth and glue. The pun totally intended.

installing artificial turf

A sharp cutting edge really helps

Sharp Utility Knife

Fixed blade utility knife with heavy-duty blade. Retractable blades are preferred. They allow you to safely keep the blade in a pocket or work apron without fear of being hurt. Rubberized or oval-shaped grips make it easy to hold and use the knife off and on all day without finger or hand cramps. Olfa is a popular brand as well as Milwaukee, which also makes models with room for storing spare blades.

fake grass edging to be used for edging lawn sitting out of boxTurf Edging

The artificial turf edging you select makes a big difference in the ease of installation and longevity of your turf.

Stay away from bender board-type products. These turf edging products require deep trenching and then serious backfilling to maintain integrity. Failure to trench deep enough leads to edge creep, loss of substrate material, and loose, saggy turf.

Pick Wonder Edge flexible artificial turf edging instead. The Wonder Edge product nails in place before the turf goes down. Once the turf is seamed and laid, you simply rough cut the edges with your utility knife, tuck the edge into the Wonder Edge and nail it in place.

Turf Accessories Matter!

Pick your turf accessories as carefully as you pick your turf. Look for products that make the installation easier (adhesive joining tape versus glue) and last longer (Wonder Edge versus bender board).

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