What Are the Options for an Artificial Grass Border?

synthetic turf with brown synthetic turf edging and white gravel bed
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When it comes to options for an artificial grass border, you have two main choices: polyboard (also called benderboard) or Wonder Edge. Polyboard is flexible and looks like redwood. Wonder Edge is made from recycled plastic and comes in a number of colors. Wonder Edge makes a better artificial grass border. Here is why.

You don’t need these with Wonder Edge artificial grass border

No Trenching

Polyboard or benderboard requires a deep trench for installation. That means you must dig a trench 4 or more inches deep. If you fail to trench deep enough, your border will fail.

Edge creep happens when the edging isn’t deep enough, and the edge literally flops or bends over. That’s not a good look and a failed edge leads to a failed artificial grass installation.

Artificial grass installs on a lawn as carpet installs in a house. If the carpet in a house comes loose from the tackboard at the edges, the carpet ripples and wrinkles. When artificial grass comes loose from the border the turf bubbles, wrinkles, and ripples.

Wonder Edge installs at the perimeter of the turf area before the turf is installed. That means you don’t need to dig a trench, and Wonder Edge won’t creep, flop, or fall down on the job.

artificial grass border installation in processFaster Installation

Once you complete trenching, the polyboard goes in and requires stakes and screws to hold it in place. That’s time-consuming.

Plus, the polyboard goes in after the turf is nailed in place. You must make sure do to disturb the turf during the time-consuming installation process.

Wonder Edge nails in place with turf nails before the turf is laid. Once the turf goes down, the turf edges get a rough cut and then tuck into the Wonder Edge slot.

Thus, Wonder Edge reduces the time required for the artificial grass border installation process by 90%.

DIY’ers love the ease and speed of Wonder Edge. Professionals appreciate how Wonder Edge improves installation efficiency.

artifical turf supplies - Wonder Edge and turf nails

Turf Nails Hold Edging in Place

Wonder Edge – The Better Artificial Grass Border

So, when faced with the choice of benderboard or Wonder Edge, always go for the Wonder Edge. Select from one of three colors and get ready for the fastest synthetic grass border installation ever.

Buy Wonder Edge online or wherever you get your artificial grass supplies.

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