What Synthetic Turf Supplies Make Maintenance Easy?

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Synthetic turf supplies green without the hassle of mowing, watering, and fertilizing. It requires much less maintenance effort than a natural lawn. But, it still needs some maintenance. Here are the supplies that make maintaining synthetic turf easier.

Wonder Edge synthetic turf supplies

Stable Edging

There’s nothing worse than synthetic turf edge creep. This happens when edging pushes up out of its trench. Digging a trench that is too shallow or improper backfilling causes edge creep.

Once the edge begins to creep you begin the process of continually putting it back where it belongs.

What a hassle!

Wonder Edge is one of those synthetic turf supplies that really makes maintenance easy. That’s because it will never creep or crawl. It stays where you put it!

So pick Wonder Edge edging for your install material and scratch repairing edge creep off the maintenance list.

Humble Garden Hose & Sprayer

The second most important synthetic turf maintenance tool/supply you can own is the humble garden hose with a sprayer attached.

When not giving the dog a drink, like above, garden hoses rinse away urine, dust, and light debris. If someone spills a drink or a small bit of food, the garden hose washes it away.

Of course, you need to physically remove animal feces and large debris, but the hose is perfect for the small stuff.

In a dusty, dry climate a monthly rinse or hosing down every 6 weeks keeps dust in check, and your synthetic turf looking better than the real stuff.

Attach something like Simple Green to the end of your garden hose and spray to eliminate pet odor. Enzyme cleaners won’t hurt turf and eliminate pet odors.

This comes in especially handy if your synthetic turf supplies a place for pets to have fun and do a little business too.

Synthetic Turf Supplies To Prevent Matting

Even though it’s not alive, synthetic turf mats under heavy foot traffic.

Stop matting with a turf brush or rake. You can use a yard rake if it has plastic forks. Never use metal rakes on synthetic turf. It will break the turf blades.

synthetic turf supplies - power broom

Now that’s a serious turf broom!

A push broom or broom made for synthetic turf will keep turf blades standing upright and prevent matting.

Put away the mower, edger, and fertilizer spreader. The only synthetic turf supplies you’ll ever need are Wonder Edge stable edging, a hose, and a rake or broom. A leaf blower makes removing leaves easier, but it’s not necessary.

It’s just that simple.

Synthetic turf supplies lots of green for very little effort.


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