Where to Find Synthetic Turf Supplies: Sourcing Essential Products

hand holding pencil writing a list of essential artificial turf supplies for shopping
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Synthetic turf significantly cuts down on maintenance time and effort. Artificial turf requires no mowing, weeding, or watering. But it still requires some maintenance. Wonder Edge makes edging synthetic turf easy. Don’t you wish everything was as easy as Wonder Edge?  Using these synthetic turf supplies, maintenance becomes as easy as installing Wonder Edge.

hand holding pencil writing a list of essential artificial turf supplies for shoppingWhat Synthetic Turf Supplies Are Essential?

You need just a few essential synthetic turf supplies to keep that synthetic turf looking great and smelling good too. Regular maintenance using these supplies keeps your synthetic turf looking vibrant and smelling fresh.

Cleaning Tools

Turf Brush or Turf Rake.  A stiff-bristled brush or rake made for artificial turf maintains the turf’s fresh, new appearance by returning crushed fibers to their upright position and lifting debris that settled at the base of the blades.

Poop Removal Tools. Keep a pooper scooper or gloves and plastic bags on hand to pick up solid waste for disposal elsewhere. Even if you don’t have a pet, don’t be surprised if a visiting opossum, raccoon, squirrel, or fox leaves you a present now and again.

Leaf Blower. Leaves, twigs, and other small debris blow in on the wind. Use a leaf blower to remove this debris without damaging the turf blades. Often, a leaf blower removes debris sufficiently so that the turf doesn’t require brushing or raking.

Garden Hose and Spray Nozzle. This dynamic duo serves as the most often used supply in your arsenal of synthetic turf maintenance supplies. Regular rinsing keeps the turf looking clean and the hose is essential in cleaning up after pet urine and feces as well as spilled beverages and food. If it is gross, grab a garden hose with a good spray nozzle to clean it up.

Cleaning Products

Mild Dish Detergent. Keep a grease-fighting dish detergent like Dawn on hand to help clean up stains. For lightly soiled areas, a teaspoon of dish soap mixed with a pint of water should do the trick. For more heavily soiled areas, use a 1 to 1 solution of soap and water. Wet the area with a soapy solution, let sit a few minutes, lightly brush, then hose down.

simple green synthetic turf suppliesTurf Deodorizer. If the synthetic turf serves as a pet lawn or if pets frequently use the turf, grab a jug of one of the many enzyme-based deodorizers. You want this on hand to neutralize odors. Check the label to ensure the product is specifically designed for synthetic grass.

Infill Material. You won’t need to add infill every week or even every month. But depending on usage, you will add infill every year or 18 months. Keep zeolite, silica sand, rubber granules, or other infill materials on hand to replenish on an as-needed basis. Infill provides stability to the turf and contributes to longevity.


Where Can You Find Supplies?

You can find synthetic turf supplies both in specialty stores and online. Here are the best sources for your maintenance supplies.

inside home depotSpecialty Stores

Garden Centers. Your local independent garden center may carry supplies for synthetic turf maintenance. This is the place to look for turf brushes, rakes, and deodorizers.

Home Improvement Stores. Big box and locally owned hardware and home improvement stores also carry several synthetic turf supplies. Shop here for garden hoses, spray nozzles, poop scoopers, nitrile gloves, and enzyme and chemical cleaners.

Specialty Turf Stores. The store where you bought your Wonder Edge synthetic turf edging also serves as your source for maintenance supplies. Turn here for what is most likely the most comprehensive selection of artificial turf-specific tools and maintenance supplies.

Online Retailers

Don’t feel like getting in the car and driving around to gather your supplies? Most artificial turf supplies can be found online. Be sure to compare prices that include shipping and handling. Large and bulky items as well as liquids can be expensive to ship.

Amazon. Look where Americans buy everything.  Amazon carries synthetic turf supplies from deodorizers to grooming tools. If you like to read reviews and compare products, this is the spot for you.

Manufacturer and Wholesaler Websites. Many synthetic turf manufacturers and turf industry wholesalers sell maintenance supplies directly on their websites. Some wholesalers also sell retail.

Specialty Turf Websites. Websites dedicated to synthetic turf, like Artificial Turf Supply or Synthetic Grass Warehouse, often offer a wide range of maintenance products.

balance beam scalesWeighing the Pros and Cons

For convenience and selection, buying online makes sense. You can easily compare products and read customer reviews. But, if you need advice or prefer to see and feel products before you buy, then saddle up and head to the specialty or home improvement store. There are pros and cons of each purchasing method.

Pros and Cons of Specialty Stores

Pros – Knowledgeable staff available to answer questions, ability to see and touch products before purchase, immediate availability.

Cons – Limited days and hours of operation, potentially higher prices, may have fewer options.

Pros and Cons of Online Sellers

Pros – Shop from home and shop from phone convenience, wide selection, may offer lower prices, and customer reviews available to review

Cons – Added costs for shipping costs, delay in receiving products, and the inability to see products before you buy.



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