Which Fake Lawn Perimeter is Best for You?

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If you want to avoid the hassle of regular regular lawn mowing but want the look of a lush green lawn or the convenience of a pet lawn, then a fake lawn of artificial grass is undoubtedly your best option. You’ll enjoy a neat looking lawn, benefit from increased curb appeal, and significantly reduce your maintenance time and costs. But even fake lawns need some type of edging. There are different types of fake lawn perimeters that give it a finished look, while covering any uneven edges.

Poured or Formed Concrete

Poured or formed concrete is a popular choice  for natural lawn edging. The look might be quite alluring but it is expensive. It’s also not practical for artificial turf. With a traditional plant-based lawn, you don’t need to keep the subsoil in place. The roots do that job. But a fake lawn doesn’t have roots – not even fake roots. So if you try to edge the lawn perimeter with concrete, your concrete may stay in place but the lawn and the substrate won’t.  It might look good to start, but in no time that clean look is gone.

Paving Stones Aren’t Practical

Natural lawns occasionally utilize paving stones at the edge of the lawn. This is more common for the perimeter facing a bed than a sidewalk or tree well. It’s a great idea but it doesn’t really work for  artificial grass lawns. Paving stones won’t give you a complete edge; there will be gaps. You can’t have gaps in a fake lawn perimeter. Just like concrete, the turf material may stay in place but the substrate will shift.  That’s no good.

Wonder Edge and paving stones make a beautiful fake lawn perimeter

Wonder Edge and Paving Stones

Wonder Edge Is the Best Fake Lawn Perimeter

Bendable landscaping borders make the best fake lawn perimeters.  And when it comes to bendable lawn perimeter materials, Wonder Edge is superior to other products. That’s because Wonder Edge is not only flexible, but it takes little time to install. Get a durable edge and don’t worry about replacing it for years.

Installation is super easy – for the border and the lawn material. Just use your turf nails to hold the edge in place, then make a rough cut on the turf and tuck it into place. Low profile options help prevent tripping. It’s the one fake lawn perimeter that installs on landscape and hardscapes. Use it for lawns, tree lawns, pet lawns, and putting greens. Order your Wonder Edge online or pick it up where you pick up your lawn material. Wonder Edge is the fake lawn perimeter that’s the real deal in performance.

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Wonder Edge Fake lawn perimeter installed on hardscape around fake grass and planters