Why Lawn Edging for Artificial Grass Is Important

pet turf with black pet turf perimeter
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Lawn edging for artificial grass provides additional protection for the integrity of the installation of turf. That’s because the perimeter edging protects the integrity of foundation materials and subgrade soils. These deteriorate when the lawn edging allows the edge to sink and create a depression. When this happens, the subgrade materials leak out and the external staples, spikes, or nails come loose. Now you are facing expensive repairs.

brown lawn edging for artificial grass, white marble landscape rocks, green artificial grass in curved designMost Common Options for Lawn Edging for Artificial Grass

Professional artificial turf installers and DIY homeowners generally rely on two different materials for lawn edging.

Bender Board Fake Lawn Perimeter Edging

Bender Board or polyboard provides an economical option for artificial grass lawn edging. Installers dig a trench around the edge of the turf after the turf is installed. This trench must be deep enough to bring the top edge of the edging material slightly above the level of the artificial turf.

Here lies the problem. When the trench for the lawn edging fails to be dug deep enough or close enough to the edge of the turf, you get gaps or worse – installation failure. In addition, polyboard or Bender Board requires backfilling to hold the edging in place. Get the backfilling wrong and the edging loosens.

Wonder EdgeWonder Edge Artificial Turf Edging

Unlike other lawn edging products for artificial turf, Wonder Edge artificial turf edging goes down before turf installation. The area of the compacted substrate gets extended just slightly. Then, Wonder Edge flexible lawn edging nails in place around the perimeter.

The slight base extension merely provides space for Wonder Edge installation. Once the edging goes into place, the turf goes down. Use the same turf nails to secure Wonder Edge as you use to secure the turf.

Wonder Edge provides a slot to tuck in turf edges. With this approach, you won’t worry about gaps between the edge product and the turf.

brown lawn edging for artificial grass showing gap between brown edging and green turf edgeImproper Lawn Edging Causes a Common Problem

Installing the right lawn edging and installing it correctly prevents the most common edging problem – gaps.

Gaps between the edging and the turf create an unsightly appearance for the turf. Worse, gaps create an expensive repair problem.

Gaps occur when Bender Board or polyboard fails. Improper backfilling creates gaps. Improper trenching creates gaps as well.

Proper lawn edging for artificial grass and proper installation prevent this problem.

So, the lawn edging you pick for your artificial grass is key to maintaining the turf in optimum condition.

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