Why You Need an Artificial Lawn Border

synthetic grass edging creates a line between turf and other surfaces
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Wondering if you need an artificial lawn border for your putting green, tree lawn, pet area or other artificial turf application? Well, you do. Here’s why you shouldn’t have artificial turf without an artificial turf border.


You don’t want your new turf slip sliding away like a Simon and Garfunkle tune. You need something to hold it in place. That’s usually turf spikes. That’s not attractive.

Wonder Edge hides your turf spikes while they hold the turf in place. It also provides a nice finished edge. During the install, you just rough cut the edge and tuck it into the Wonder Edge slot.


Can you imagine your dog tugging your turf loose? Hard to imagine, but it happens. Some dogs (especially puppies) will tug, chew, and gnaw on anything. The more curious types will be especially interested in what’s been happening in the construction area. Once they are free to roam, don’t be surprised if they give the entire turf surface a good sniff. Any interesting smells from the sub-base will drive them crazy. Crazy enough to start sniffing, scratching and chewing on the edges. A border will stop puppy dog before it can ever get started. You, the dog, and the artificial turf will live in harmony.

artificial lawn border keeps turf in place

Lay Down!

If you’re installing your new artificial turf surface on a slope, you need a border to make it lay down. If your sub-surface moves with gravity (or water) over time, you don’t want it to take your turf with it. An artificial lawn border will anchor the turf at the top and the bottom of the slope. Anchors it at the side as well. This edging will prevent the turf from lifting, rolling, or sliding downhill. Leave the downhill action for the skiers and snowboarders, not your turf.

flexible artificial lawn border makes turf install easier

Artificial Lawn Border That Saves Time and Money

Since you need an artificial lawn border to keep the turf in place, keep the dog from munching on it, and keep it flat, you might as well use a border that makes installing your turf faster. Faster installs save money too.

The Wonder Edge artificial lawn border is made to install without trenching. Unlike timbers or bender board that require extensive digging, Wonder Edge goes down on top of your sub base.

You simply prepare the sub base, roll out your turf, rough cut and nail it in place. The edges neatly tuck into the special grove in the Wonder Edge. You end up with a clean, smooth, and professional installation in about one-quarter of the time it takes to trench and install bender board. Professionals and DIY’ers both appreciate how much easier it makes turf installation.

Wonder Edge turf accessories incorporate channel for hiding landscape lighting

Wonder Edge and Wonder No More

So stop wondering if you need an artificial lawn border. You do. So get Wonder Edge from where ever you purchase your artificial lawn supplies. If they don’t have Wonder Edge, don’t settle for less. It will only take you longer to install, cause more frustration, and cost more.

You can order Wonder Edge online in green, brown or black. It will ship straight to you and in no time you’ll discover for yourself why Wonder Edge is the pro’s edge for artificial turf installs.

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