Why the Synthetic Turf Edging You Choose Matters

comparing 2 sizes synthetic turf accessories - edging products
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The synthetic turf edging you choose significantly impacts the overall appearance and functionality of your artificial grass installation. The right turf edging helps prevent erosion, maintain the shape of your turf, prevent shifting, and offer a clean and professional finish transition between turf and adjacent areas. It matters.

synthetic turf with brown synthetic turf edging and white gravel bedDurability

Not every turf edging material offers the same in the way of durability. Metal benderboard tends to oxidize (fancy way to say rust) in the elements. Not only does oxidation diminish the integrity of the edging, but it stains the turf too.


Rolled plastic edging lacks in the durability department as well. Like many basic plastics, it deteriorates under ultraviolet light from the sun.

Wonder Edge turf edging for synthetic grass, pet lawns, and putting greens offers a durable alternative. Made from recycled and virgin plastics, Wonder Edge keeps its cool even under the hot sun. Enjoy a 15-year warranty when you go with Wonder Edge synthetic turf edging.

synthetic turf and black synthetic turf edging and brown dirtStability

If you spend hours of backbreaking work digging and trenching a channel for turf edging, the least it could do is stay in place.

Ask any artificial turf professional about the horrors of edge creep. Yup, that phenomenon that occurs when the edging flops over has a name.

When not installed properly, bender board comes loose, falls over, and allows the base to erode. This guarantees synthetic turf failure. Bummer.

Metal edging offers more stability. The most stability comes from a turf edging that goes down before the turf gets installed. Wonder Edge nails in place with regular turf nails before you lay and seam the turf. That creates a highly stable edging. Concrete offers the ultimate in stability, but it isn’t practical to use with synthetic turf. Save the concrete for natural turf and opt for Wonder Edge for synthetic turf.

installing artificial turf

Ease of Installation

Professionals know that time equals money on every day of the week. Always opt for materials that make installation easy. New seaming materials produce durable and stable seams. Newer edging materials install without digging and trenching.

Always opt for quick and durable installation over materials that might cost less but require extensive effort for installation. Because, if the job is hard, you run the risk of workers cutting corners to move quickly. See edge creep above.

comparing 2 sizes synthetic turf accessories - edging products

Low profile versus standard Wonder Edge

Wonder Edge Synthetic Turf Edging Options

Go for Wonder Edge with every installation. Select from regular or low-profile options.

Traditional Wonder Edge goes down quickly and offers a professional finish to your job. The low-profile option makes perfect sense for hardscape installations. Can you glue bender board?


Low-profile Wonder Edge offers an ADA-compliant edging product and several color options.

Wonder Edge is a wonder. Ask for it wherever you buy your artificial turf and turf supplies.





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