Wonder Edge Artificial Lawn Border Makes Installing Turf Edging Easy

artifical turf in the shade
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You decided to install an artificial lawn because you want life to be easy. Say no to watering. Tell the mower and edger to get lost. Put a fork in fertilizing because it is done. Pick the artificial lawn border that is as easy to install as your lawn is to maintain. Install Wonder Edge lawn border.

Wonder Edge synthetic turf supplies

Pet Lawn Border

Pet lawns provide a spot for dogs to play free from fleas and ticks. Artificial lawn surfaces provide a soft and comfortable walking and playing surface for your pets.

Live free from muddy paws. That’s because Trixie the terrier only traipses on clean turf.

Artificial lawns make living with pets easier. So, shouldn’t your artificial lawn border make living with artificial lawns easier too?

Of course. And it does when you install Wonder Edge. It’s the pet lawn border that sits and stays.

Edge creep happens when the artificial lawn border isn’t installed deep enough to stay in place. Digging and trenching make for backbreaking labor. Bender board requires a deep trench for a proper install and it rarely receives it. Bender board used for a pet lawn border is an accident waiting to happen. Just give it time.

Wonder Edge installs on top of the turf base. Nail Wonder Edge in place, roll out the turf, and let Ruff get ready to roll.

DIY putting green with artifical turf border by Wonder Edge

Putting Green Border

Improve your short game with an at-home putting green. Why drive to the course when you can putt at home?

Artificial lawn material provides the perfect surface for perfecting your putt. And Wonder Edge perfects the artificial lawn border perfectly.

Place Wonder Edge on the perimeter. Nail the edging in place. Then lay your artificial turf down. Because Wonder Edge provides a nifty slot for the turf edge, a rough cut and tuck finish the job in record time.

Less time installing the turf equals more time enjoying the turf.

artificial grass border creates natural looking tree well

Hassle-Free Artificial Lawn Border

If the artificial lawn provides a hassle-free area, the artificial lawn border should be hassle-free too.

Pick Wonder Edge and you’ll pick a hassle-free border. No digging, no trenching, and no creeping.

Wonder Edge is easy to find, easy to buy, and easy to install.

Find Wonder Edge where you buy your artificial turf or buy Wonder Edge online.

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