Wonder Edge is a Versatile Choice for Artificial Turf Borders

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Artificial turf is increasingly more common as a part of outdoor décor. Homeowners love having a consistently  lush, green, and perfectly manicured lawn with very little effort. Property managers love the reduced maintenance requirements. Artificial turf enhances the property when it’s installed properly. But without the right artificial turf borders, that perfectly clean look becomes a ragged mess.

artificial turf borders provide transition between natural and artifical surfaces

Why Must You Use Artificial Turf Borders?

You must use turf borders as a transition between surfaces. Whether you transition from artificial turf to hardscape or artificial turf to a tree well, something must define the space. In addition, the turf border holds the turf on top and the substrate on bottom. Without a border in place, the substrate can shift, and your turf surface will lose stability. Talk about a mess.

artificial turf borders hold turf in place on hard surfaces

Adding Aesthetics with Borders

Edging gives the synthetic lawn a finished and manicured look. Even with natural turf you use edging as a transition between beds. Artificial turf is no different. Install green borders to blend in with the turf or contrasting brown or black to match your mulch. Either way, artificial turf borders keep the edges crisp and helps emulate the look of an established lawn.

bender board fake grass edging requires digging a trench

Installing Borders Can Be Hard Work

Looking to burn a thousand calories or two? Install bender board. It requires you to dig a deep trench along the entire border of your artificial turf. Depending on the type of soil you have, this can take hours. Once the bender board goes in, you must go back and backfill. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Why not just use Wonder Edge instead? It requires no digging or trenching. You just nail it in place with your turf spikes. Even in rocky and clay soils it’s easier to hammer in spikes than dig a trench. Spend more time enjoying the new turf instead of installing it.

Rough Cuts for a Fine Finish

Wonder Edge turns rough cuts into fine finishes. Use the slot provided to tuck the rough cut into the Wonder Edge. You’ll get a smooth, clean and finished edge in no time. Installation is faster when you don’t worry about your rough cuts.

Flexible, Durable, Safe, and Green

Wonder Edge is far more flexible than bender board. There are no straight lines in nature, your artificial turf shouldn’t have straight lines either. Simply bend and flex the Wonder Edge artificial turf borders into the shape you want.

Protect your turf edges from gnawing pets (you would be surprised the number of cats and dogs that chew turf edges) and eliminate tripping hazard with Wonder Edge. Hide wiring for landscape lighting in the interior of your Wonder Edge and prevent trips.

Even the brown and black Wonder Edge products are green. That’s because they are made from recycled polyethylene. With every installation you are saving the planet by reducing water usage, reducing the amount of plastic in landfills, and decreasing the amount of fossil fuel used for yard maintenance.

Order  Wonder Edge artificial turf borders and reduce your install time and effort.


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