Wonder Edge vs EasyFlex: Who Has the Edge in Lawn Edging?

Wonder Edge versus EasyFlex lawn edging
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When it comes to artificial lawn edging, there are several alternatives. The two major contenders are EasyFlex and Wonder Edge. In a head-to-head comparison, which product has the edge? Let’s take a look.

Lawn Edging Similarities

Both Wonder Edge and EasyFlex are made from recycled products. That’s a plus for both. The more plastic that stays out of the landfill, the better for us all. Both Dimex (the manufacturer of EasyFlex) and Wonder Edge are committed to eco-friendly manufacturing.

You get a warranty with either product. You can purchase Wonder Edge or EasyFlex and know that you have coverage. But the warranties are very hard to compare. The EasyFlex comes with a “Limited Lifetime Warranty”. Discerning the coverage isn’t easy.  Wonder Edge has a 15-year warranty on the product itself. Pretty straightforward and easy to understand.

Both EasyFlex and Wonder Edge are available in black. That’s good thing because black is a very popular color for lawn edging. But here is where the two products begin to diverge like the two paths in the woods.

Wonder Edge versus EasyFlex lawn edging

Wonder Edge and EasyFlex Differences

There are considerable differences in the products.

Color.  While both EasyFlex and Wonder Edge are both available in the popular color black; Wonder Edge is also available in other colors. If you prefer green or brown, you are in luck with Wonder Edge. The only way you can get EasyFlex in green is if you paint it that color. Seriously? Who is going to paint their edging? Wonder Edge comes out of the box in the color of your choice: black, green or brown. EasyFlex comes out of the box in their choice of color: black.

Reliability. Wonder Edge, developed in California, stands up to intense heat, sunshine, and ultraviolet light. EasyFlex doesn’t. Reviews of EasyFlex in warm climates have a common complaint. In warm and sunny climates, the product expands and loses its shape. The only remedy is to remove the product and reinstall. And while both products install rather easily, who wants to do the job again? A canvass of Wonder Edge reviews does not find this complaint.

Flexible Applications. Because Wonder Edge was designed for artificial lawn edging, it can be applied to hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. EasyFlex is anchored to the ground with stakes. That’s not feasible if you need to anchor to a hard surface such as cement.

Easy Installation. Both products claim to be easy to install. That’s a time saver. Neither product requires digging or trenching. Secure both with stakes. Reviews of EasyFlex often complain not enough stakes are in the box. You must purchase additional and costly stakes. Wonder Edge is installed with the stakes and nails that you are already used for installation of the artificial turf. In addition, when the job is complete, the rough cut of the turf can be simply tucked under the Wonder Edge lip for a clean finish.

Other Considerations

The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that people of all abilities had access to common areas. In particular, the Act addresses changes in level. Changes in level between ¼ and ½ inch must be accompanied by a beveled edge with a slope that has a ratio of 1:2. The Wonder Edge product has a beveled edge that when installed according to directions is ADA compliant. EasyFlex has no beveled edges and is not ADA compliant. This is important for installation in public areas.

The Best Lawn Edging Product

In a head-to-head comparison of products, Wonder Edge beats EasyFlex in terms of easy of installation, reliability, color options, and ADA compliance. Add to that the similarities and it’s easy to see that Wonder Edge is a clear winner.

Wonder Edge is also easy to use for homeowners and commercial installers. Find a Wonder Edge dealer near you or order Wonder Edge online. Either way, you’ll discover that Wonder Edge is wonderfully superior to EasyFlex.

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